Monday, February 27, 2006

Gimme the GOLD baby!!

The first picture shows what a dork I am, the second one is
my "pretend Vanna" pose showing off
the lovely cabinet behind me,
and the last pose is cuz I work in Detroit and I want to send a "shout out" to my peeps!!

I came, I saw and I conquered. My official end time for knitting was about 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, and the rest of the day/evening was spent washing, flinching, freaking, stuffing the fingers, freaking a little more, and a short trip thru the dryer. I've never dealt with Touch Me before, and the washing process scared me so much that I truly believed these gloves were going to be given to the nearest Barbie doll, as they shriveled up immensely. Hence the stuffing the fingers, and freaking out as the next process. I am happy that they aren't too small, and in fact I'm considering washing and actually fully drying them this time, in order to tighten em up a bit. They're very soft, but just a little too loose now. If anyone has experience with Touch Me, please let me know if the drying acts to loosen/soften the fabric or if that contributes to more shrinkage. I might just knit a 3 x 3 swatch and test it that way, but for all the work I did, I'd like these to fit just a tiny bit tighter. I also have started cutting up the purple leather gloves I mentioned previously, and will at a later date, sew these to the palm of the gloves, as soon as I've figured out the "will I wash em again/won't I" dilemma.

I went to a great party yesterday and celebrated with other Olympians, some who finished their projects, some who did not, but made commendable progress on their projects. A fun and happy time was had by all!

My next post will include some stitch markers that I whipped up over the weekend, and you will see noticeable improvements from the first to the last ones I made, as my wire bending skills got alot better by the 10th or so time.

Congratulations to all the Olympians, knitting and otherwise, we have all made history in our own ways!!

They look great, and feel even nicer. Can I commission a pair? ;)
You crack me up...what is up with the knitting gang signs you're throwing? :-D I'm going to start calling you D-Dawg da Knittin' Fool.
Congrats D-Dawg! LOL

The gloves look great - wish I could help on the washing "Touch Me" question - I bought some, but only to have it and love it and touch it. Haven't actually made anything with it yet!

::admires Dana's Gold Medal!::
Awesome!! I can't wait to try out the "touch me" yarn. I love the color too. Gang signs.....LOL....good one!
But what would the name of our knittin' posse be? :-)
Congrats Dana on winning the gold!! Beautiful, beautiful!!
I love your gloves. I wish I could have gotten my hands on them last night! ;) You do great work!
Congrats on the gold medal!

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