Thursday, February 23, 2006

And another one gone...

This was where I left off last night at Caribou in Troy with all the knitters. The pinky was complete and I was almost halfway up the ring finger. As of today I'm proud to say the ring finger is now complete and I'm halfway up the middle finger. That leaves only 1 finger and 1 thumb to completion!! Then weaving in ends and felting/drying for the final unveiling/wearing on Sunday. Go ME!!

Oops, forgot to say thanks to Amby for taking the lovely photo above, thanks for helping me out!!

We had a great time at the 'bou last night, I believe Kirsti said she counted 11 in all. We're getting large enough that we may have to request the entire coffee shop to ourselves, now if we could just get the heating problem resolved and get them to quit all that annoying coffee bean grinding. I mean really, can't they see we are trying to carry on a perfectly respectable conversation and they are interrupting!! Can you talk over a bean grinder? I certainly can't.

I'm anxious for this project to be complete as I have several other pending WIP's that have been cast aside for the chance at GOLD!! I will feel more complete when some of these other lingering projects have been cast off and given to their respective new owners and I am really going to try not to have too many projects going at once. My poor little pathetic self esteem can't take that many balls (skeins) in the air, so to speak. One or two at a time, and the second can be no larger than socks. Or a hat. Or another pair of Touch Me gloves, this time for my daughter. Really, I must resolve myself to this form of limitation. It's for my own good. And I will achieve a greater sense of accomplishment when I actually finish a project, instead of being overwhelmed by all the little "not quite done" things staring at me.

Maybe I'll have pics tomorrow, not sure, since I'm once again camera-less. Dang SO and his need to have action shots of him and his son snowmobiling in the great outdoors of Up North!! I mean really, it's snow. How exciting can that be? It's all white, seen it once-seen it a million times.

Have a great one!

The gloves are looking great and feeling even yummier. Can't wait to see them post-felting!
Stupid bean grinder...maybe we should throw a few rocks in it when no one is looking?
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