Monday, January 23, 2006

What? No pictures?

OK, last post with no pics unless I have nothing to show you!! I snagged the digital camera back from the SO and will be going to town with it tonight. I have to post a pic of the top from Marnie. It's starting to look like something and as a test-knitter I better get on the ball, so the poor girl can actually publish this pattern sometime soon. Apparently her other testers bailed, so no pressure, but I'm on the job!

I'm so happy to chuck my yarn diet since Amby discovered the sale at HYAW, I'm looking to make myself an easy shawl out of the snazzy Blizzard that I made my grandma's scarf out of, and snap up some more sock yarn to guessed it, more socks. I'm thinking of joining Allison's sockapalooza. It starts in February and the socks are gifted in May. I can do that, no problem. Let me know if anyone else signs up.

I went to a wedding over the weekend, and whilst nursing a hangover I was still able to follow the chart for the above mentioned test project, it was quite a sight people let me tell you.

Our Knit Detroit group on Yahoo mysteriously disappeared so we have a new home, at least till this one happens to get deleted. Check us out and join us for some of our meetups, we'd love to meet you!!

Click here to join detroitareaknitters
Click to join detroitareaknitters

I will be taking some pictures tonight of my test project, and maybe I'll burn thru the rest of my disposable camera, cuz I've got some good pics on there to post, but I think I've still got like 12 pictures. Hmmmm, what can I shoot? Ooh, my new ball winder and swift, that would be a good start. I know it's pretty useful cuz my daughter used it already to wind up some balls from her huge pound of yarn skeins. Those are a nice idea, but difficult to carry around.

Also, for anyone who reads Yarn Harlot, she's hosting a knitting Olympics of sorts, and I've signed on to make myself a pair of gloves. The challenging part of this task is that I'm modifying a pattern, and since I've never made gloves before that in itself should be a challenge. They are
going to be out of the yummy purple
Touch Me yarn, I can hardly wait.

Click the button on the sidebar and check it out for yourself. The more the merrier!!

Until next time....happy knitting!

I'll be waiting for the pictures - and can't wait to see the progress on that top. It's going to be great.
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