Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy Monday everyone!

No, I'm not really happy it's Monday either, but I live by the "fake it till you make it" philosophy, so work with me here!

First of all, on the driveway saga, yes it's been fixed and I no longer have to fear being swallowed by it every time I come home! So, that's a good thing.

I am still working with the hi technology of the disposable camera and am only 15 pictures away from going to the drug store, so some day I'll actually have more pics to post.

I am still working on Marnie's latest design and figured out that since I'm not even remotely familiar with cables and a novice to charts, that I better make my life a bit simpler by installing a lifeline and boy, am I glad I did. I figured out a couple of rows into the cabling of the chart that I was doing it wrong (shocker) and I didn't even sweat it cuz I simply ripped back to the lifeline and voila! I began again. I'm stuck at the moment though and am waiting for a reply back from Marnie on what I'm doing wrong. I'm SURE it's me and NOT her, so I'm waiting to hear that. It's kind of exciting, trying this new thing called cables (he he), and again, with the lifeline it's not nearly as stressful. I highly recommend it to everyone, and as I'm going thru this pattern I'll install them periodically to save myself the hassle of "starting over".

I'm kinda bummed, cuz I got my Addi's over the weekend from my first e-bay purchase, they're supposed to be #2's and they came Saturday and they were 3's. They came from Hong Kong and I think there's some miscommunication about the mm sizing. I've already received one e-mail response this morning about it, so I'm trying to swing a deal to keep the 3's and get him to send me the 2's. I only paid $8 for the 3's so keeping them is not going to break me, but I really needed the 2's to finish the lone sock of mine that's still waiting to be completed and I thought with using Addi's I'd magically fly thru it and be wearing them like an hour later. It could happen....

Have a great day and I'll talk at ya again soon!

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