Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Are we there yet?

Well, it's definitely a new day, thank goodness for that. I had a pretty full week last week. In the course of 7 days I attended a wedding, a funeral service(including visitation and luncheon), and finally a christening. Short of seeing a baby born (the christening was for a 3 month old), I'd say I covered all the bases. It's very true about the circle of life. I was talking in my last post about the anniversary of my father's death, and my daughter pointed out that a child is "born" in God's eyes at the time of their baptism. My niece was baptized Saturday, and that's when my father died 18 years ago. I don't mean to get heavy or philosphical, and I try to keep my religion/political comments to the barest minimum as this tends to set people off, but how cool is that? I will never forget when my dad died, but now I have the sweetest reminder that a new life has been welcomed into His family. My dad would be so proud of his granddaughter for pointing that out to me. How proud am I?

Thank you to everyone who shared a kind word with me, it's hard to remember that you're not alone in your sorrow, and while I wish this on no one, I appreciate being in the company of others who understand.

OK, enough sadness. I've got stuff to talk about.

I'm making excellent progress on the test project for Marnie. It's really looking like something and I'm hoping to be close to finishing by the weekend. I'm trying to clear my slate in preparation of the Knitting Olympics and am also waiting for my instructions for the Sockapalooza project.

I'm flying now on the second sock for myself, which stalled before Christmas and am to the heel flap after having picked it back up Saturday. I'm also to the heel flaps on the socks for my SO, which is getting a little scary since I'm doing both at once, and am not sure yet how that's going to work. I tend to set projects aside when they get scary but I'm trying to fight off that urge, cuz I'd really like them to be done already!! I mean c'mon now, we're talking plain black socks on #2's! Not the most exciting thing I've done.

I am also going to set aside some time to seriously knock out the boyfriend sweater, as this seems to be a source of touchy-ness for him, every time he sees me knitting something else. Also black (I'm thinking I need to work him into colors one of these days), plain stockinette, so from a knitter's standpoint a little dull, so I'll just make sure to have something cute/girly non-black going at the same time for moments of temporary insanity. But he'll be so happy when I finish it, and he's already thinking it's not going to be before the weather breaks, so I'd like to prove him wrong on that. It had stalled also cuz I decided to knit it in the round instead of back and forth (do YOU like purling 80+ stitches in a row?) and because I'm kinda winging it that equals-scary-which- justifies-procrastination. I'm acknowledging that though, and am trying not to think too far ahead on it. I'm starting with the sleeves, and will go from there.

I've also made a little progress on the smaller felted bag I made to give ....ahem...as a Christmas gift. I installed the magnets Sunday night, attached the straps (in a nifty new way I haven't done yet) and have only to line it, cuz I figure if I'm gifting it at this late date, it better be a little more special than most. It's very cute and I will post pics when it's complete.

I saw that the 2 Booga bags I gifted to my aunts for Christmas were being used Saturday, so I'm not sure if that was a.) simply for my benefit, or b.) they really like them. I'll choose B!

I hope everyone is having a good week so far, and I hope to post again with progress pics!

See ya!

Absolutely go with option B. I'm sure that your aunts just loved them. I'll look forward to seeing sock and sweater progress at SnB on Wednesday ... I'm still on the foot of my 2 at once toe-up socks.
Everybody loves the Booga Bags!!

Hey, I'd love it if you'd come join my Olympic Team - Team DPN!!


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